Creating the Emphasis in Website Design

In the theory of graphic design, there are different ways in which the emphasis is sought to be achieved by using certain well-defined and time-tested principles. The main objective of achieving this emphasis is to enable the visitors to focus on certain key element when the other elements are also present side by. The same principles can also be used in the website design whereby the visitors can be made to focus on some main, important sections, as compared to the others.

Using the contrasts
The contrasts can be used for creating the design and delivering the impact as desired. The contrasts can be used for catching the attention of the visitors. This would require using the appropriate color combinations for creating the desired impact on visitors. The element which needs to be stand out from the rest of other shall be using a contrasting colour and to a substantial extent so that this is prominently visible. Contrasts can also be achieved by using the different shapes. So, in a more abstract website design, you can make use of more regular and shapely objects to bring the visitor focus on it or even the vice versa can also be true.

Maintaining Distance

Distance is yet another way to bring out the emphasis on the elements which needs to be focused. Either you can bring the element too close to the surrounding ones or take it farther away. In website design this can be used in certain special ways by creating different inter-element distance in terms of pixels.

Emphasis by Size

The size of the elements is another important aspect of attracting the focus of visitors. The use of different size of fonts in text or the banner ads of different sizes are some of the important points to note while working on getting the right emphasis on the size. Big things attract and so do the small items. Small fonts size of the text looks more professional but a large font in bold makes the required impact. Size is actually relative to one another and, in this way, it can be called as a proportion.


This element is also related to the mind or the movement of the eye. Some of the design elements generate continuity and some other element, which is to be focused, breaks that continuity. So, both the flow-creating as well as the flow-halting elements create the focus.

These are some of the points which need to be considered for creating emphasis on certain crucial sections of website design. Professional designers seek to achieve these on the landing pages of the websites from where the user enter the site and then navigate throughout the site.

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