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You have a nice and interesting website. Congratulations! Despite this, visitors do not jostle at the gates. The question then arises: did you do everything necessary to make sure that Google and other search engines are seen?

Do you know what to do? For a site to gain popularity and traffic, it is indeed essential to follow the SEO basic Rules for Beginners.

  1. Content and Accessibility: More than ever, quality content (rich, relevant and living) is the foundation from which your credibility is built. Unique and accessible content, so that robots and Net surfers find it, appreciate it and make it climb in the rankings.
  2. Key Words and Targeting: The choice of keywords is essential. According to some, this step precedes the creation of content. In fact, one does not go without the other. Having a clear vision of all the keywords to deploy to highlight your business is critical. And every page of your site should be associated with one of these keywords.
  3. Links and mesh: Once you've added content to your site, you'll be able to start creating inbound links: this is the first step in promoting your site. This step sometimes overlooked is all the more important as the number of links pointing to your site is one of the criteria used by Google to determine your popularity.
  4. Edtech, a leading SEO agency in Delhi says that “The most valuable are those from sites on the same topic, authoritative sites (media, reference sites) or links included in the text of a page.”
  5. Socialization and Virality: The last step of your SEO effort is to use social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter - and many more - to promote and bring more traffic to your site.
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