Google Web Fonts: Towards Dynamic Typography

Have you always wanted to try something different and innovative to the various fonts that you use while developing a website? Have you been looking for the numerous styles of fonts that could change be made to change dynamically? Well, that wish of yours has been met with the Google Web Fonts coming on the scene. With limited style and formatting options in the word editors, the options for the website designers were rather limited. However, this limitation has now been removed with the launch of these web fonts as you can easily use these for creating the Different Typographies, changes these on the fly and develop more attractive websites. Let us examine some of the basic features of Google Web Fonts application:

1. You are required to perform certain basic tasks for using this application. You are required to add a style sheet link in order to call for the selected font or font collections from this application.

2. Once the font has been called, you can even change its style and formatting using the CSS stylesheet or the inline editors. 

3. You can choose from a wide range of font families. There are hundreds of font families to choose from. 

4. In order to facilitate your selection, you can preview the fonts that you have chosen either as a word, sentence, paragraph or a poster. This will help you in previewing how will your text on the website look like. You can vary the fonts on the basis of thickness, slantness and width as well as by size of fonts and on other parameters like date of creation, popularity of the fonts, etc. By fixing these variables as per your requirements before adding to the collection, you retain the flexibility of altering these variables to the extent you need these. 

5. The website design companies can choose more than one font for their website and add all of them together on the website. 

6. You are allowed the facility of bookmarking this collection or downloading these for use.

7. When a request is sent to Google for fonts, the webdevelopers can optimize this request by specifying what word you need. This is especially helpful in those cases where the text to be used is known in advance, such as in logos or banners.

With the creation of these web-based font resources, these can be created right on the fly. And, with so much of choice and variation, these are likely to replace the images where the text was added. This is further expected to Make The website design more SEO friendly.

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