Why CSS Still Does Not Solve All the Problems of Web Design Company?

There is no doubt that CSS solves most of the problems associated with the management of web page spacing, layout, formatting and other web design related issues which were earlier posing a major challenge to the developers when the static HTML- based sites were being created. Whether it is the website design company Delhi or any other company located at any other place of the world, the use of CSS has become very important part of the development process due to its being friendly to search engines and developers as well. However, it also has certain limitations, which are discussed below:

  1. Brower Incompatibility: Users use different browsers to open the websites. Some of the main ones which are used are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. However, out of the hundreds of possible CSS settings, there are many which the browsers do not support or they support partly or even differently from what others do. This difference can also be due to the bugs within the browser. This means that even after the CSS is created, the work is not yet over for the web design company. There is a need to test the efficacy of the browser compatibility by running the website in different browsers and looking for inconsistencies which are brought out to the users. Then, the CSS sheets are fixed in such a way that website runs all the same in all browsers. 
  2. Making changes is not easy. When you have to create a different web page structure and layout and are required to make changes in existing CSS parameters, you need to do this very carefully because one change has its effect over the entire web pages which are run on that parameter. Therefore, even small changes done wrongly can impact a large number of websites. So, it is not a matter of playing around with CSS by website design company Delhi but taking all changes quite seriously with full consideration of the likely impact these will have over a range of web pages.
Despite some of the problems posed by the CSS, and despite the challenge still posed by the HTML tables for smaller websites, there is no doubt that the CSS is being used widely and undergoing version upgrade to make this more user and developer-friendly. It is especially proving to be immensely helpful in portal development by the web design service providers.