Say No To These Mistakes of Web Design

Say No To These Mistakes of Web Design
While designing a website, you are required to take care of a whole lot of design and development needs which will not only be useful for the users but will also make the site marketable on the different internet resources such as the social media and the search engines. There are certain well established principles of the web design which are expected to be followed. These are the very broad principles which allow the designers to have a wide creative field to play with. These are not the water-tight compartments but guiding principles which help you design an effective and appealing site. At the same time, there are certain things which shall not be done or best avoided. These are:

Poor Navigation 
The navigation has to be smooth and logical, meaning that you shall be able to read the mind of the user and determine what all pages will he like to visit from the page where he has landed and device the navigation plan accordingly. This also requires that you have the links coded properly and use is made of the right anchor text for this purpose which is understandable for the users. So, there shall be no broken links and the text used shall be understood by the common person. Further, the whole navigation structure shall be well planned in advance at the time of planning the structure.

Bewildering the Visitors

If the visitors do not know where they have to go after landing on one of your web pages, then you actually confusing them. You shall not make them look around for a long time to find the things which have attracted them on that page. This requires clarity on the part of your site planning and organisation.

Imbalance in the use of design elements

There is a need to achieve the balance in the various elements of website design. Overuse of these elements might divert the attention of the visitors from the real purpose of the page. This would have the tendency to take the visitors away from the site. The imbalance in the use of the graphic design elements also means that the visitors get lost. Overuse of colours, or too frequent text style formatting or too much of crowding of content on a page, or even the overuse of the graphics are some of the things which create the imbalance. Even the disproportionate use of the size element of design also leads to this imbalance.

SEO Unfriendly Features

While the requirements of might put certain limitations or restriction on the use of certain design and development technologies, it is worthwhile not to make a SEO unfriendly site because this will make your business suffer in the long run as you might not be able to gain prominent visibility in the search engines.

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