WordPress or Blogger: The Dilemma of Web Design Delhi Companies

Blogging is a way to share your thoughts, ideas, news or any other thing with the world. You can further enrich this engagement with the others by making them enter their genuine comments. WordPress and Blogger are the two most famous blogging resources which are used by millions to say out whatever they want to (sans certain type of content which is prohibited from online publishing on various grounds by the law). For the companies providing the website designing India services or the SEO services India, this is poses a dilemma. Listed below are some of the benefits of each of these blogging resources which are often taken into consideration before taking a decision.

Blogger –WordPress Comparisons

1. For the web design India companies, Blogger is often a good choice for the off-page SEO purposes whereas WordPress is used for creating or integrating an on-site blog. 

2. Blogger allows template editing but this is not permitted in WordPress. The stylesheets of Blogger can be edited but not of the WordPress, unless you pay for it. 

3. Blogger allows the website designing India firms to have third party Jave-scripts integrated on the blog. But, WordPress does not provide for this.

4. If you are having a blog with some other blogging resource, then Blogger will not allow it to be imported, except from another Blogger blog. However, WordPress is quite flexible in this respect since you can import you blog published in Yahoo! 360, Moveable Type, TypePad, Tumblr, Vox, Blogi, Splinder, Livejournal, Israblog and Posterous. 

5. Blogger allows website designing India companies to create upto 10 static webpages but there is no frontpage. However, there is no such limitation with the WordPress.

6. Adsense can be easily put on the blogger for monetization but it is not possible in WordPress. So, blogspot is a good choice for the bloggers who want to earn some revenue from this resource. 

7. Wordpress is opensource and therefore, it is used freely and widely by the developers or coders for customizations. It supports thousands of plugins and gadgets and therefore helpful in making your website functional in many respects. This is a limitation with Blogger.

8. For the SEO services India providers, both of these provide avenues of quick caching of the posts and hence the links are crawled by search engine bots in less time as compared with other blogging resources. 

9. WordPress comes with spam protection tool Akismet which is good for preventing the comment spamming of your blog posts. It is effective in filtering out the spam and sending only genuine comments for your approval. 

10. WordPress integrates easily with an existing website. All that web design India firms have to do is to follow certain steps to integrate it. The many third party tools can also be used for adding various other functions. This is not so easy with Blogger.

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