Are you confused between Google AdWords and AdSense?

Today, the online marketers are keeping themselves up-to date with all the latest developments. But there are some basic terms which may sound confusing to most of us. For instance, GoogleAdWords and Google AdSense.

Google Adwords is a type of program that will enable your site to get listed on search engines for which you give your advertisements including Search Engine, Bing or AOL etc. It is very to get started on it. You just need to create your account, add your advertisement, select the maximum amount that you can pay for each click. After this, you can finally submit the credit card details. Now, your advertisement will be seen. When any user sees your ad and clicks on it, Google will bill your account.

In short, these Google Ad Words are a type of pay-per-click ads in which Search Engine  will automatically charge your account when the bill reaches a certain per-determined level.Basically, Ad Words will place you in front of your customers and will help you in selling products and services. The amount that you get paid for each click by users will also depend on the type of market that you are targeting and competitiveness.

On the other hand, Google AdSense are meant for those web owners who are mainly looking for monetizing their sites. If your website has all the ingredients of a good website like fresh and informative content that can easily attract visitors, then you are more likely to benefit from these Google Ad Sense. You just need to create an account and get approval from Google. Google will accept and agree that it will place certain ads in your website that are relevant to your web content and page titles. Google gives a percentage of the total amount it earns each time a user clicks on these ads placed in your website. Google Ad Sense has played an important role in revolutionizing the business in the form of online money making.

Therefore, Ad Words are mainly meant for advertisers looking to place their ads and Ad Sense is for site owners who wish to make some extra money online.

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