Safe Tips from Web Design Delhi Companies for Improving the Page Load Time

Search Engine Optimization is one field where the practitioners shall ideally be good both at the development part as well as the online social media marketing part. The former helps them to develop the website that are search engine friendly and the latter helps them to organize their marketing strategies in the best possible way. Page load time is a factor which is an important developer consideration as it influences the behavior of search engine crawlers as well as the visitors to the website. If a web page takes a lot of time to open, that is a shortcoming which the website design Delhi companies shall resolve.

Most of the time the high load times are due to one or more of the following reasons:

1. Making a good number of HTTP requests
2. Non-dispersed static content, which increases the load and response time on one server.
3. Not having the Expires Headers for static resources
4. Having all codes of javascript or other heavy coding languages on a page.
5. Too many DNS lookups.
6. Too many redirects.
5. Too much use of iframes, and many others.

However, the web design companies in Delhi can use certain safe tips which work wonders in reducing your page load times, such as:

1. Image Optimization: Presence of heavy images is one of the main reasons for the slow loading of page. Usually, the image files are in three formats: jpeg, png and gif. Each of these image formats has its own relevance and therefore, their correct usage can significantly impact on the image size.
For the images which are having high resolution, you shall reduce these using the image editors and not by fixing the height and width of image in the HTML tag for images.

2. Stylesheets on top and Scripts at the bottom: By placing the stylesheets on top, you enable faster rendering of the web pages. Similarly, the scripts are preferably placed at the bottom of webpage because the browsers would not be download anything written below in the initial loading of page. This makes it slower to open the browser.

3. Heavy scripts in external files: By placing your CSS files and the JavaScript in external files, you enable quicker browser caching, because, had these been placed in the HTML document, the same would need to be downloaded every time the web page loads which will increase the load time.  

4. Using CSS sprites to minimize HTTP requests: CSS sprites enables you to combine images which reduces the download time of these images. Images are one of the components of a web page which a browser might be trying to open and if these are heavy or there are a number of images then more time would be spent on opening these. 

It is important for the SEO company Delhi to take the measures to reduce the load on the web page and also the page load time.

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