Top 5 Ways To Analyze The SEO For A Website

It is like a dream for most of the online businesses to get a position at the top on the initial pages of Google. But without an Award-Winning Delhi based SEO Company you cannot expect a good visibility in the search engine result pages. Here it starts from the search engine optimization analysis.

The number of people tries to position their websites on Google in order to get the highest place in the search engine result page. But it is not that easy as it seems. Google has the disciplined criteria to reward the websites on its result pages. If your competition is ranking at the top in Google then chances are higher that they are doing something good and in return receiving the reward from Google in terms of traffic, sales and business.

In simple words, you cannot proceed further without an analyzed strategy to get the expected results. You have to lay down a foundation which starts from the ground rules i.e. analysis. If you are planning to see your website at the first page on Google results then first determine how your website is performing at the present. You need to see how deep optimization is required with necessary improvements.

To help you with this, we have come with the valuable 5 ways to analyze a website from an SEO point of view.

Keywords – It is the first thing that should keep in mind while doing the analyzation. Plan those keywords which define your business really well. Your keywords should be business-friendly and should sound meaningful. The keywords help in the website to get listed in the SERP. But it is also important to understand the types of keywords. There are two types of keywords you require short tail and the long tail ones. Short tail keywords are best to use in the titles whereas long tail is best to drive organic traffic.

Analyze your competitor – If you are done with the keywords finalization then your next step should be competitor analysis. It is one of the important points from the SEO point of view. Check out the list of competitors by searching your keywords on Google and analyze each of them to know what they are doing or have done to get this visibility. However, most of the search engine optimization experts skipped this step which laterwards make them realized that they have missed something important.

Social Networking – Social networking is one of the most pillars that help a website to stand in the search engine result pages. Do not forget to analyze your competitor’s social presence in order to make your strong. Keep this thing in your mind that social gives you traffic. If you have the perfectly optimized social account then chances are higher that you may get traffic in a good ratio.

User-Experience – Before you proceed, first try to put your feet in the user’s shoe.  Behave like a normal user and see how well your website is performing in terms of usability and user-experience. This will give the real idea of how you should analyze your website. Ask yourself does the website look perfect on your specific device? How’s the design structure? How’s the navigation? These are some of the things which will make your questions resolved. If you still have doubt then you can analyze the competitor website’s mobile compatibility and user-interface in order to have a clear idea.

Analyzation of Off Page – It is as important as your on-page. Google evaluates the links which you have taken from the other website before giving you any credit. The proper off page optimization helps in ranking your website to a higher position in the SERP. If you have achieved a higher position in Google then for sure you will get the higher traffic which will ultimately give the business. Analyze the most common and three techniques like social bookmarking, link building and presence of social media.

This is just a small piece of guidance on the SEO analysis. It is a long term success but with the effective analysis and techniques. It is really important to understand that measure of existing performance if you are targeting for a higher position in Google.

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