Use of Hover Tag By Web Design Company Delhi: Making Ecommerce Sites Come to Life

Check out any of the eCommerce website which sells the products and take the mouse over the pictures. You might see that the specific parts of the images where the mouse is placed gets enlarged so that you can see the product with great clarity. As you roll over the mouse over the picture, the enlarged portions of the points also keep moving as the mouse moves. This typical functionality is achieved by web design company Delhi by the use of a specific HTML tag called the Hover Tag.

Hover tag is used for magnifying certain sections of a webpage at the discretion of the user but the functionality is provided by the web design Delhi companies. This tag defines the mouse enter and mouse leave events of the some specific parts of a web page or its element. By using this tag, you can:
  1. Make use of the limited space of web page for that element since that element can be shown in magnified way by using this tag. So, it obviates the need of having a large space dedicated for full resolution picture or image of a product. And, if there are thousands of products, it makes the web pages very heavy which increase the page load times. So, this also helps in reducing the page loading time greatly which is a crucial requirement for search engine marketing and also provides a better user experience.
  2. It can also be used in situations where there is a requirement to highlight certain portions of the web page for beautification purposes. Some of the elements might otherwise become unnoticeable if it were not for the application of the hover tag function on those areas.
  3. By having this functionality on some areas or elements, web design Delhi companies can afford to make these smaller to reduce the clutter and make the more important parts of a web page more visible.
  4. Some additional information which is not otherwise shown on the webpage might be shown when the hover tag is used. So, that information is shown only when the users take the mouse over a specific element which is visible and to which the invisible information is also attached. 

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