Design & Development of Website – Few Basic Steps

Website is the face of your business in electronic form, which contributes a lot to create brand image. It is therefore necessary that the same should be designed and developed in such a way to provide maximum information in attractive manner that may attract mass.

A website design and development company anywhere in India including Delhi / NCR undergoes a well thought process to create an appealing website, which focuses on accomplishing organizational aim that can be anything including:

     Attracting an invite to buy products/ hire services.
    Getting the intended consumers to understand the product/ services.
    Introduction of brands to the consumers.

Professional Web Design Company in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad, which is becoming website development hub in India, generally go through following steps to create your dream web identity:


The most important step in developing an informative, appealing and attractive site is to collect requisite information, which may include

    Aim: Aim refers to ultimate objective like Marketing of product/ services, Creation of brand name of business, providing information, making charity or social purpose, etc.
    Purpose: Purpose refers to idea behind development of website whether it is to make profit or merely to keep public in general informed.
    Target Viewers: Type of viewers is major contributory on deciding on design and technique of any website.
    Content: Content refers to type of data that the target viewers might be looking for whether any particular data, specific brand or business.


Information, data, facts, purpose, etc. compiled as above is then organized in form of site map, which consist of record of all significant points or subject.

With the help of site map, it is easy to know what contents will be there and whether the contents is ideal in developing an agreeable, easy to understand navigational channel.


Prime factor to decide on design happens to be the target viewers as choice varies with different set of individuals. For example: choice of youngsters is bound to be different from that of older.

Also since uniqueness of identity of company / institution is necessary, trademark, colour combinations, etc. are given appropriate importance while designing the website.

While designing & web development company is also at liberty to showcase your likes and dislikes. Also, in order to make sure that the final site is up to the mark of consumer’s demand & style, interaction with the users is of utmost importance. Ideas, thoughts and facts are exchanged until the final design is finally achieved.


The ideas, thoughts and concepts composed during above steps are then distributed all over the site in relevant / applicable area or sphere to get an operational site, which can be shown to the site owner for his suggestions and modifications.


In this phase final analysis is done by testing complete performance of structure or texts to confirm that the viewers / users can access the site properly in the latest versions of search engine.

After the final analysis is made now comes the time to deliver the site. Here the files to the server are uploaded which also includes assembling and configuring word press accompanied by core set of main plugins to help identify or strengthen the site.

A quick reset is done to ensure that each and every file has been uploaded perfectly and also the site remains to be completely operational.

At this stage the public in general is able to view the site, which signatures its formal launch.


Last but not the least, maintenance is equally important step, which cannot be neglected. Thus is necessary to update the information on the website regularly. Moreover it is very essential to offer new subjects, contents, brands on regular basis so that the interest of the visitors does not fade away.

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