Is Responsive Website Design Right For You?

There is no doubt that the Responsive& Goo Website Design is beneficial to use for the developers as it saves them a lot of time and effort involved in writing the codes for websites meant for different devices. Similarly, it is also advantageous for the marketers to do the SEO activities as well as for them to analyse the site performance. But, have you ever thought about the possible side-effects of using this design methodology? Have you ever tried to determine whether this would be the right thing to do while designing the websites or not? Let us first examine some of its shortcomings and then go on to explore what are the best conditions for its right usage.

First, since If you want to Going to design a responsive website, you are required to make good investments. While you are saved of the effort required to generate a new website for a new device, you are required to be far more organized and well planned in  your approach to design appropriately.

Second, if there are images on the site, and this is a very real possibility since almost all the sites use these, it is the requirement of the responsive design to enable automatic resizing for which the whole image needs to be loaded and this results in the delays in the opening of the website pages. So, if you are facing the problem of slowing down of site or it taking long time to load that the responsive features are the most likely reasons for the same.

Thirdly, while you can upgrade your servers to enable fast processing and website load times, responsive design upload times are also dependent a lot on different browser response over which you do not have much control.

Despite the much ado about this Designing methodology, you shall ideally consider its usefulness from all perspectives. At first, you shall think whether there is a real need for this design or not. May be that you are not having many visitors from the mobiles or these are too less to warrant creation of responsive design.

Further, on the contrary, you might even feel the need for having a permanent mobile or device specific Good Looking Web Design Company which delivers a much better user experience than what can be achieved from a responsive design.

Therefore, it is suggested that you shall have a very clear idea about the nature of your business and the type of market which will see your website on their mobiles before deciding on the type of design that you would like to go for.

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