5 Mindblowing Website Designing Hacks

Whether you are involved in an online business or just owe a website, in both the cases the most important thing that matters is drawing the attention of your customers. This is possible if you work in order to generate more traffic towards your site.

Wondering how? Well, that’s why we are here. There are a lot of ways to do this. It could be either from social media marketing, paid advertising or content marketing.  

You all will be agreed on a bitter fact that not all the visitors come to your website with the motive to buy. In a recent study, it was estimated that only 3 out of 100 visitors gets a purchase from a website which comes to 3 % of average. 

Well, we cannot simply say that visitors come with the dilemmatic mind to buy or not but it could be due to the less focused and non-optimized website. That’s why a Web Designers will always suggest you to go for a site which is fully optimized for the rising number of conversion with better profits.

Since your website is one of the most important ways to impress your customers, here we bring you the 5 mind blowing website designing techniques that will help you in turning your visitors into the customers.
  1. Utilize Negative Space – In the world of web designing the unused space is called negative or white space whereas the space occupied by the various elements in a web page is referred to as the positive space. Being a smart business owner, you can ask your Web Developers to use the negative space as much as he can. This will enable you to use the major actions such as the call to action and links to the important pages which will give the different view among all the other elements used in the web page. You can do this to your website by splitting the text blocks into the shorter and defined paragraphs, bullets and numbering and even images to align your text.
  2. Perfect Color Combination Matters – Colors are something which gets the most overlooks during the designing and development of a website. It is crucial to choose the right color as the wrong combination can break your game. In a recent study in web designing, it has been observed that almost 80% of the purchasing decision gets affected by the color chosen. Every website has a different theme and different story that’s why the color combination should also be considered apparently. It is always suggested that with the right color and theme you can present your brand in its right emotion. Never stick to just one of two colors for your website as this could be a bad idea. It holds the ability of a site to highlight its valuable elements such as CTA (Call-To-Action) which your visitors might not admire. If you want to impress your customers and increase your conversion then choose minimum of 4 decent colors. It will go like this, one for background, one for text, one for the important links and last one for the call to action. Do not use too loud colors just keep it eye catchy.
  3. Keep Navigation Simple – The position of the navigation plays important part in making your visitors impressed. Place your headers at the header of your website instead of sidebars and footer section. This will give customers the easiest way to find what they are looking for. Always keep it simple in order to avoid any distraction and chaos for your visitors. The more you make it easy for your visitors the better you will get the conversion and traffic.
  4. Use Animated Call-To-Action Buttons – An animated CTA creates a great impact as compared to the simple and usual ones. Doing this can increase the chances to grab customer’s attention and even you may get the good number of clicks. This is something that makes the CTA one of the crucial aspects of highly converting sites. Even the well-known website designers and developers also recommend using the call to action buttons instead of text as this will increase your ratio of clicks by 40 to 45%.
  5. Responsive Web Design – It is the characteristic of a web developer to create a website that is responsive on both smart devices and desktops. This directly conveys that doing this will give you better conversions regardless of any device used by the visitors. You will be amazed to see the fact that mobile devices itself contribute 56% web traffic. This clearly shows that your half of the traffic comes from the tablets and smartphones. Even from the SEO Services point of view, you cannot ignore the importance of responsiveness.
Last Thoughts
Now you have learnt that these 5 web design helpful tips will improve your conversions. The only thing which you should keep in your mind is the action. Just a hire a Leading website development company in Delhi and let them analyze your site to offer the best you deserve.

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