Frequently Ignored Web Design Practices; Adoption to Look Great and Convert More

In the field of website designing and digital marketing, the main goal of all the tools is to generate business with the help of building these websites. Thus the designer has to develop the sites doe their clients which are interactive and can help in conversions. Any site which does not yield such results is a complete waste of resources. A good user-centric site should be the one which is able to achieve Conversions.

Usability, functionality, and readability are the three pillars of a website. Website developers take care of the functional part of the site and the designers have to take care of the usability factor. Certain factors are discussed below which can increase the Conversions of the websites:

·         The loading time of the website should be minimal

One of the major factors which accounts for the functionality of the websites is its speed while being accessed by the users. The desire to make the site appear impressive often forces the owners of the businesses to engrave elaborate images in it which takes time in loading. Thus the designers always recommend that the sites should be sprinkled with easy loading settings otherwise the speed goes for a toss which makes it less functional and the users are compelled to the leave the site. HTML 5 form validations should be used for the image loading in the site to deal with the problem of loading time. 

·         Choosing the right colour scheme

The websites were earlier designed with normal black text and not much colour schemes. But later on things evolved and the use of different colour backgrounds started surfacing for the development of the websites. But these compromised on the readability of the sites. Thus it is better to keep the colour schemes which are soothing to the eyes and can create user experience much higher for the well-being if the site. The font size and the text also play an essential role in the readability quotient of the site.

·         Navigation should be intuitive

The website should be designed by the experts who can make it easy to navigate because the attention span of the users is very less and if they do not find the site navigation-friendly, they are sure to exit it quickly. They can design the website structure which is most beneficial from the navigation point of view and offer enough reasons to hand on to the site.

·         Take care of the White Space

Website designing is not about newspaper writing because white space between elements makes the site more usable. It makes it appear more readable and the time spent by the users is desirable for the owners of the site. Thus the use of white space is done to offer optimization to the websites. Designing the website is an important element and this is also an essential aspect of the same.

·         The components should be well-arranged

The site should be well-arranged and have symmetry to appear interesting and impressive to surf by the users. If the symmetry is amiss then the site will not be able to garner the desired results. Make the site Responsive enough which will allow it to be used in cross devices.

·         Test the errors

Conduct proper testing of the site before launch so that the possible errors can be fixed and the user gets an ideal site which is good enough to be surfed.

These are few tactics and techniques which should be followed by the designers and developers who can make the site impressive and highly user-centric.

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