Tips for Better Website Navigation

When your customers or your readers visit your website, they expect to navigate through your website easily and do not feel any difficulty. But the truth is, not every website has as better navigation as it should have.

There is no doubt that designing an easily navigating site is far more difficult than it seems. Web Designers at few of the Best Website Designing Companies in Delhi take it upon themselves to ensure that a site is designed properly has all the elements that makes it easier for a visitor browse through it. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you get some basic knowledge on how to create sites with better navigation which in return gives your customers a better user experience.
  1. Have a proper Site StructureBefore starting any project, develop a site structure and interlink the relevant pages in the beginning. For an example, If you have an eCommerce website, than you should interlink all the T-shirts of a particular company or same colours so that a buyer can easily view other related T-shirts of that brand or colour.
  2. Link the Logo to the Home PageAlthough it is obvious but there are some sites that fail to interlink their brand’s logo with the home page of the website. This tip is widely followed as it helps a visitor return to the home of your site from any other page by clicking just once.
  3. Put Useful links in the FooterIn general some sites use the footer space of the site to link the pages like “terms and conditions”, “privacy policy”, etc. However it is highly recommended to link some of the most useful web pages that you want your users to visit in the footer of your website. You can also add your office address or phone number in that part of the site.
  4. Show where the user is currentlyYour customers like to know on which page they currently are. It is also a good experience to know how they got there. You can use the space below the banner of the webpage to show a mini path which indicates which pages the visitor browsed through to reach on that particular page.

A simple yet better site navigation should be the integral part of your plan if you wish to provide a better user experience to your customers. Use the tips provided here and you will surely succeed in having a website with easy navigation.

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