What are the major Algorithm Update by Google?

Google introduces changes in its ranking algorithm almost everyday. While some of them are minor changes that don’t affect your websites, there are major changes that can affect your website’s SEO in the worst possible way and can sink your ranking overnight.

In this article I have briefed about some of the major Google Algorithms Updates till date. After reading this article, you will be able understand these updates and optimize your website according to them.

  1. PANDA- Panda update is all about content. Through this update Google wanted us to earn our ranks by writing fresh and unique content. Plagiarised contents were not valued much and were considered as spam.
  2. PENGUIN- Through the Penguin update, Google weighed in on the importance of  generating quality backlinks for our website. Keep in mind that these backlinks must be earned rather than bought.
  3. PIRATE- Google’s Pirate updated prevented us from pirated contents. It penalised those sites that has high copyright infringement report and stopped them from ranking well.
  4. HUMMINGBIRD- Google’s Hummingbird meant precise and fast. It sorts out results that have more precise and better results and make them rank higher.
  5. PIGEON- Pigeon provides more accurate, relevant local search results of a query in that particular region. This new update sets different local ranking parameters.
  6. MOBILE FRIENDLY- It’s a simple update which is designed to give preference to the websites having mobile friendly pages
  7. RANKBRAIN- It was launched in 2015 and is used worldwide now. This Google Algorithm update sorts out good content from the bad one.
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