What are the best On-Page SEO Techniques 2018?

You all have read about how doing SEO with proper techniques can help your website. The question is what are the best techniques you should follow while doing SEO for your website?

As you all know SEO has two parts. One is Off-Page activities and other one is On-Page activities. In this article SEO Experts at e-Definers Technology have discussed some of the best On-Page SEO Techniques that should be followed in 2018.

Here are some of the best On-Page SEO techniques every Top SEO Company in Noida is using in 2018.
  1. Putting the keywords at the Right Place- While writing the title of a web page you should try to put the keyword in the starting of the title. At the same time you should make sure that the keyword is not stuffed forcefully at the starting.
  2. Optimizing the Title Tag- While writing the title tag of a web-page, you must keep it between the character limit of 50-60 characters. If you already have a title tag then make sure it is within the specified character limits.
  3. Smart Stuffing of keywords- Stuffing the keywords at the right position can be a tricky task. Best SEO company in Delhi NCR recommends that adding the targeted keyword in the first 100 words of content or in the first paragraph can be beneficial for a site.
  4. Choosing an SEO friendly URL- A URL of a webpage should have keywords in it instead of some special characters or some unnecessary words that don’t have any meaning. This practise has proved to be beneficial for many websites.
  5. Use of Long-Tail Keywords- I you are using exact match keywords for your website then you are already practising an outdated technique. Use long tail keywords rather as your users are now searching with long-tail keywords.
  6. Having eye catching titles- Having a catchy title for a webpage not only attracts your users but it also forces them to click on those links. Try to make your titles compelling with the help of words like “proven, best, affordable, etc”.
  7. Engaging Contents- Always try to write contents that engage your user and make them read your content even further. Having images with contents also engages your user as it looks even more attractive and visually compelling.
  8. Mobile Friendly Design- Now a days that mobile users are increasing day by day, make sure that your website is mobile friendly and has responsive design. A mobile friendly design makes your website compatible with different screen sizes.
  9. Image Optimization- While adding images in a webpage add ALT text for each images. Try and add keywords as the ALT text for these images. An alt text used tells users about the image in the webpage.
  10. Page Loading Time- Having a website that takes a long time while opening can be very harmful from SEO point of view. Google avoids ranking websites with highest loading time of more than 3 seconds.
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