Drop Everything and Plan Your Holiday Marketing Strategy Right Now

This December, people are looking for new ways to spend their holidays with cash and small businesses and thus, if you are a small business owner, you need to make a strong marketing strategy in order to maximize your revenues. Researchers have shown that almost as high as 47% of the consumers start shopping for gifts in the month of October, the time of the essence. Here is a look on how to get started:

Plan for the Entire Season:

Being called the Holiday Season for reasons, people start spending from Octobers and the expenses reach the peaks in December and ultimately fall off in January. It is a rookie mistake if you are focused on marketing yourself highly only in December or on Christmas. Make sure that you already have some tailor-made attractive campaigns for the Holidays, Halloween to until the New Year. The more holiday list included in your plans, the better your strategy is and the more opportunities you get to capture the attention of the followers. 

Deck up the Halls:

The brick and mortar stores get more advantages over the online retailers during the holiday season. Why? Because they can create magic through the music and decorations while capturing the true spirit of the season. But this, in no ways, means that online stores should be left out in cold. You must freshen up your website, give it a holiday hero image and decorate the banner of the website. Importantly, you must make sure that the information about the gift cards and policies is easy to find.

Customize The Content:

Another reason why it is important to start the planning of marketing your business early is that it will take some time to develop the content. Pick up some promotional and holiday themed articles that will go a long way to boost the image and impression of your website and help your followers reach you! While it is easier to follow the cliched ideas, yet there are plenty of other ways to give it a meaningful touch to your theme.

Personal attention to your followers- Holiday time is perfect time to open up with your fans and share their favorite traditions and recipes. This type of content allows followers to let them know about you and your brand better. Amongst the sale driven content flooding in the inbox of customers, such a mail comes as a respite. 

Offers and Holiday-Themed Promotional Content: 

Delight your customers with promotions that give something back to the customers. Your visitors and customers always love offers like free shipping, a few percent off on services and products, free gift vouchers with the purchase and similar others. You can even run a giveaway kind of event on the social media channels. 

Try creating something that is shareable or heartfelt: There have been instances when companies went way ahead of imagination and offered the clients and customers with something that they have imagined and loved to have but never got them. When you gift them with items that they desire dearly and then film the same moment. The more shareable and feel good content you create, the better it gets for your business.

Advertise Early

Plan to start up and market your campaigns longer before the actual holidays. Brick and mortar stores are used to follow this pattern and they have mastered this art. Your online strategy should also try to follow this pattern. The good news is that- Consumers do not mind seeing the early promotions for the season. 

Create a Marketing Calendar:

Make sure that your holiday and festive strategy stays on target creating a marketing calendar. It also means getting together your entire best digital marketing team. Set the goals and assign the dates. Also keep track of the progress in some shared task manager or a Google calendar. These online tools help to keep everyone aware of the tasks and loops in the job.

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