SEO Traps You Should Avoid Falling Into In 2018

They might be the“webmasters”, but talk about mastering the SEO techniques and most of them become dubious about their skills. Google’s SEO tips and tricks are not like those easy-to-do tasks. This New Year, if you wish to stay ahead in the cut-throat competition, it is essential that you learn about the latest SEO tactics. 

The easier it looks, the harder it is to implement. An SEO service in Delhi has undergone some rapid and drastic change over the years. And the latest Google Penguin update is ready to make life worse for all of us.  So, if you are not prepared to take the brunt of it, chances are you would lose on to SEO and fall face-down in rankings.

Be cautious and read about these 10 traps that you should avoid falling into in 2018:

1. Link building Practice

Sometime back, in February 2016, Google’s John Mueller had mentioned that webmasters should avoid link building as it is a very unnatural thing to do. As against this, the search engine giant has clarified that buying, selling, or asking for links is fine until the time you don’t proceed to violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines

Thus, it is essential that you audit your current link building practice to find out the loopholes if any. This may save you from any Google driven penalties.

2. Anchor texts usage

Ever since Google came up with its first Penguin update in 2012, it has become riskier for the webmaster to copy anchor texts in SEO. Deceptive or abusing anchor text can land you in a number of problems including the penalty for over-optimization. The trick is if you can use only five to ten links to anchor texts and some major keywords. It is said that a few exact, highly relevant keywords are good enough to give you high SEO rankings.

3. Better link profile to target specific pages

A systematically planned enhanced link profile will boost your SEO rankings in 2018. Concentrating on single or specific pages is a comparatively much better approach to gain higher Google rankings. According to experts, an accomplished link profile is one of the most important aspects of good SEO rankings. A tip for you here is to initiate your linking activity by performing a proper evaluation of your links through your Google Webmasters account.

Follow above rules with best SEO Company in Delhi and see the drastic change in your website traffic this year.

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