How to Develop a Website on Emotional Design?

If you are really love website designing as a profession, then you must have Read Don Norman’s concept of emotional design and incorporated his teachings into your designing efforts. While understanding his concept is easy, it is not easy to design accordingly. However, the following tips can help you achieve it in a well-organized way.

1.    What is the business? The products and the services themselves are pointers to what type of emotions are to be invoked. There is a need to focus on what the brand stands for. 

2.    What does the website seek to achieve? This is the first important step to develop an effective site. If it is absolutely clear on what the website wants to achieve or what its objectives are, it will be easy to shortlist the emotions on which the design can be based. For example, if it is a travel website which wants to sell holidays, then you can shortlist which types of emotion can be used for creating the design theme.

3.    After the objectives are set, the next step is to determine what are the various emotions that you can think of which can be related to the client work and would be effective in achieving the desired objectives? Continuing with our example of a travel website, we can shortlist emotions such as joy, happy, romance, etc which can be incorporated in the design.

4.    Choose any one or more emotions as theme on which the website design is to be developed. This choice will also be influenced by what are the target customers. For example, the designer could incorporate images, graphics or other creative related to romance if the travel website wants to target couples or young generation of population.

5.    Working or sizes, fonts and placements: Which is the best way to put all the required information on the site so that the design has impact on all three cognitive levels of emotions of the visitors (visceral, behavioral and reflective)? What shall be size and number of images or graphics to be used? These are some of the most important considerations for developing an effective emotional website design.

6.    Simplification of workflow and ease of navigation: While talking of performance of website with respect to its functions, it is important that the workflow is simple and short. Practical and smooth navigation is another important consideration for better performance. 

It is important to remember that mere attractiveness is not the end objective of emotional design and this shall also propel the visitors into taking some actions which improves your conversion rates. For this it is important that the element of attractiveness shall not overshadow the functionalities of a website and both shall balance in the right measure. Once a design is developed, it shall be able to generate emotional appeal for the visitors for a long time to come. Frequent changes to the design work contrary to desired objectives of emotional design.

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