E-commerce- A global retailing phenomenon on the internet

E-commerce is a technology driven phenomenon that has revolutionized the trading operations worldwide. Information technology and growth of e-commerce has brought about significant changes in the retailing and trading industry. Online has given a new lease of life in the form of retail opportunities to many business houses and brands who would have not sustained till very long in this competitive race. These days many aspiring entrepreneurs plan to launch an e-commerce website not only because the cost of making an e-commerce website is less, but also because of the fact that e-store can help in the building up of their brands’ name in a much faster manner as compared to any other means.

This is one of the most prime reasons why e-commerce website designing is given due importance these days. For maximizing online sales through e-stores, professional web designers and developers should ensure that they make a website which should have a complete e-commerce capability in terms of accepting orders, processing payments and delivering the products/ services that the customer has paid for.

Some of the reasons why e-commerce website designing has gained so much popularity are because of the following:

· E-commerce website requires less investment in the making as compared to the opening up of any physical store in any market area. Though the cost of making may vary from one Web Company to another, but it would not cost extremely high.

· One of the most important reasons as to why e-commerce is given so much importance is because of its conformity to sell world wide and that too 24 hrs a day. Though, operations of any e-store may vary depending upon their level and type of services, but it has a wider reach and therefore a larger audience to cater to. 

· A good e-commerce module offers its website owner complete control over management of products/ services, prices, inventory, delivery/ shipping costs, payment methods, discount coupons to be offered, promotion codes to be implemented, customer marketing through emailing etc.

· The operational expenses for running an e-commerce website worldwide is comparatively much less than that of multiple store chain brands.

· People find it easier on the internet to buy/sell products and services without any hassles. Since e-commerce has given access to buying of any product/ service on credit term basis, many customers find it easy to buy from any online store rather than any physical store where they might have to shell out cash.

E-store can be made extensively large in size as compared to any physical store. An online website owner can put a number of products or services on display with multiple web pages. Whereas, a physical store has a limited space and articles of utmost value and worth are put on display.

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