Using Google Analytics for Checking the Effectiveness of Web Design Delhi

When you make a website, it is only a few people from whom you can take the feedback on its various aspects including the look and feel. This is, at best, a small group of people from whom you would be seeking the opinion on design aspects and their effectiveness. However, there are other tools such as Google Analytics which can guide experts in web design Delhi on the kind of user experience the website is creating and provide the feedback for improving it.

Google Analytics can help website design India efforts in the following ways:

1. Shows the metrics of how much time are users spending on the website. This metric can tell whether the visitors are stopping and spending time to explore the site or not. It gives you an idea on whether the people find it interesting or useful to stay on your site or not.

2. Shows the bounce rate of the visitors. It indicates the percentage of visitors who, after landing on a page, do not move on to the next page and, rather, leave the site. This is indicative of the fact that there is something wrong with the landing page design or the landing page is not the one where the people would like to come. So, this calls for examination of the landing page from the user perspective with respect to design aspects. There can also be a problem with the navigation links of the landing page which might not be to the interest of visitors.

3. Shows from which all pages are the visitors making the entry to the website and how are they moving on from there to other parts of the website. This parameter points to the effectiveness and logical arrangement of the navigation through out the site. If the navigation is long then you can assume that the design is able to hold the interest of visitors. If it is short and terminates quickly then the trending is not all that smooth.

Based on only these three broad metrics, you can take steps to improve the user-experience of website, by:

1. Finding what all landing pages are being used by visitors to enter the site. By finding how many visitors are landing on a page and how many of these are moving to the next ones, you can find the effectiveness of secondary pages for holding the visitors.

2. Web design Delhi companies can change the layout, placement, colour and the organization of content on the site based on such an analysis. The tool is also useful for SEO services Delhi as it helps in checking the effectiveness of SEO campaigns, besides the effectiveness of website design.