Relevance Of All Things ‘Geo’ For SEO Services Delhi

When people use the search engines for finding the businesses, they shall get the right results. This is the chief concern of any search engines so as to evolve the result pages in such a way that the need of the people to find the relevant businesses is met. And, the search engines which are able to do it in the correct way consistently enjoy the maximum credibility.  For maintaining this credibility and to feature the real, existing businesses more prominently for specific search terms, search engines like Google have incorporated the use of such tools and products which mark the businesses correctly. These ‘GEO’ things are not only the products but also the HTML tags which are instrumental in enhancing the credibility and visibility of your business on the World Wide Web in general and search engine result pages in particular. Let us have a look at some of these products and how these help SEO services Delhi service providers.

1.    Google Places: Both Google Places and Google Maps can be integrated with one another. Google Places product is the one where you set a brief profile of your business and set the mark on Google maps which correctly tells your position to the searcher.

2.    Google Maps: The web design Delhi companies also use the Google maps product for locating their business on the maps. This might include incorporating your business name, product or services offering and contact details on the map.

Both Google Maps and Google Places are helpful in local listing of the businesses.

3.    Geo-tags: Geo-tags are the HTML meta-tags placed on the website of the business for enabling the search engines establish the identity and location of the said business. There are three Geo meta-tags which are used by website design Delhi service providers:

a.    “Geo.position”: It shows the latitude and longitude of a physical entity. This is read by the search engines and then the location is found on the maps or local listings. This establishes the relation between the website and the business owner as well.

b.    “Geo.placename”: This tag shows the name of the place where the local business is located. The more specific it is, the better are the chances of it being featured on local listings.

c.    “Geo.region”: This tag mentions the specific region in which the business is location. It can be a state of a country as well.

4.    Besides, there is a provision in Webmasters Tools of Google which allows the web design Delhi companies to set the geographic target of any business.