Content Marketing Tools to Boost Productivity in Content Sharing

In the age of the Internet, it is rarely seen that internet is not present in the houses of urban cities. Internet is used almost everywhere in the modern era of wireless technology. It has affected every nook and corner of the information and technology world. Today, for global brand and eminent companies and organisations, promotion is mainly done through the internet. Promoting done online news sharing websites, social media websites, etc. has become very common. Online marketing schemes are brilliantly executed which catch the eye of millions of people around the world, thus, increasing share prices. 

 What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is mainly based on promoting and distributing important and attractive content driven products. It does not necessarily promote any particular company or brand; rather it promotes items in such a way so as to attract attentions towards a certain product or service. With the country becoming modern and progressive, companies are opting to focus more on digital marketing services in Delhi and other urban cities, instead of trying to promote their products in the traditional way. With relevant and rich content, one can easily attract a huge crowd towards their website and increase their marketing revenue. 

There are numerous ways of carrying out digital marketing today. Some of them are - 

  • Content marketing
  • Influencer Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation or SEO services
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Email Marketing

With rich and impressive content, one does not need to spend extra money on advertising it on different platforms and websites. SERP or Search Engine Result Page is an important criteria to meet if it wants to good productivity. It is basically the way results or websites appear in an order whenever a search engine is used for a particular product. With better ranking in SERP, pages will appear right at the top, thus, increasing further traffic for the website. In order to achieve this, contents should have triggering words or phrases which catch the eye of the people on the internet. This way, a large audience is targeted and website reach increases. It should be thought provoking and gripping in order to attract people. With the lives of people becoming busier day by day, content needs to be precise and to the point without any dull or boring parts in between. Moreover, articles should be original and not copied form any other website, and one should avoid making grammatical errors or childish writing. All these things are necessary to keep in one’s mind while promoting any sort of content online. 

Different online marketing tools

Today, there are many tools available which help people write or produce better content and boost content reach. Some of these tools are - 

  • WordPress - It is a popular content management system or CMS in short. Based on MySQL and PHP, it works with the MySQL database server or MariaDB database. It is an amazing tool for people who are looking to build their own website templates and add specific features to any kind of existing computer programs. With this, one can easily promote their content on a global scale.
  • Grammarly - It is an online tool which is basically used by people to correct or proofread their articles and content. Any kind of grammar, contextual, spelling error can be pointed out as it highlights the required portions of the article itself. Thus, with easy detection, articles can now easily become error free. Moreover, one can also use this site to check for plagiarism. Just drop the article file and the online tool checks whether any part is similar to articles already published on the web. 
  • Adobe Photoshop - A famous tool among photographers and photo editors, this app lets people edit their photos to make them look much more attractive. The interface is quite easy to use and even beginners can create and edit amazing photos in a matter of time. With better and more attractive photos to publish on one’s website, more and more people would visit the page to check out the photos, thus, increasing the online traffic.


Apart from these, there are tools like HotJar, Crazy Egg, Marketo,, MailChimp, Hemingway Editor, Yoast, Ahrefs etc. all of which allow people to improve their marketing skills and also increase their revenue through better promotion and marketing tactics.

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